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Book One
of a Four-Book Series

Coming Soon!
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Book Cover

"I wanted to let you know that you really do have something here! -jd"
International Best-Sellling Thriller Author, J.D. Barker

My Story

I visited my father and stepmom in rural Canada throughout my youth. The summer I turned fifteen, I stayed, working for a local family farmer bailing hay down a one-lane road in the middle of nowhere. I’d fish in a nearby pond, bike to my cousins’ farms who also lived miles apart down the same road, play hide and seek in the haymow and walk across the top of a barn like I was Phillippe Petit on a high wire. The rest of my time was spent lying in the field watching the clouds float by, staring at tiny bugs strolling up long blades of grass as if they were headed for some great destination, feeding cows apples that had fallen from trees, and reading piles of books I’d buy for a dime from the whatnot shop, sparking my storyteller. 


When the pandemic hit, and life came to a standstill, my husband encouraged me to start writing down some of the wildly imaginative, creative dreams I'd wake up with!


After my first attempt at writing a spicy rom-com, a nine-episode screenplay, I dabbled with a book of short stories as well as a small-town FBI two-book series before starting the first few chapters of an autobiography, living as a latchkey kid with my mom. 


My autobiography quickly morphed into a Dark Psychological Thriller, nowhere near my real-life experiences, aside from the first chapter and some heartfelt truths weaved into some of my characters.


I attended Thrillerfest in New York in 2022, knowing little about how things work in this industry. Thrillerfest taught me so much. The experience gave me legs as agents requested books one and my synopsis for books two and three. I am in the process of editing book four in this Dark Psychological Thriller series. 

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