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Book One
of a Four-Book Series

Coming Soon!
My Story

I grew up in a small town in Canada. I moved to the United States with an entry-level job and no money in 1997. Within three years, and with the help of incredible mentors, I grew with the company into a leadership role, training people from all over North America and core offices around the world.


When covid hit in 2020, my husband encouraged me to start writing down my ideas. After my first attempt at writing a spicy rom-com, I completed a book of short stories and a small-town FBI two-book series before starting the first few chapters of a memoir for my children, "Living as a Latchkey Kid."


I had never considered being a fiction writer. Now, I can't imagine not writing. I've always been a poet and a songwriter and, for many years, an avid journal writer. I could write cursive, but I hated typing. I could not type one sentence without making errors. I have not been diagnosed with Dyslexia, but two out of three of my children have Dyslexia. When they were diagnosed, many pieces from my past came together.


My good friend, a writer, asked me to attend Thrillerfest in New York in 2022. She, like my husband, pushed me to keep writing. That kickstarted a new idea, and my memoir quickly morphed into a Speculative Thriller, nowhere near my real-life experiences, aside from the first chapter and some heartfelt truths weaved into some of my characters. I signed up for the master class and pitchfest on purpose so I'd have no choice but to get my book ready. I recommend Thrillerfest to any new writer. Or, if you have writer's block, the master class is for you.


My pet peeve is secrets. So, I added one after another in this series for the protagonist and you, the reader, to uncover. I have easter eggs in book one for book three, book two for book four, and book one for book four. 

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